“Red Eye Mega Knife Cyborg Chihuahua Plushy Guy”

Will’s Dog Days of Summer Sculpture

The local arts council in our neighboring town of Boonton sponsors a public art exhibit called the “Dog Days of Summer.” Local artists submit their ideas for a dog or cat sculpture and the Boonton Arts Council selects from the proposals. Will’s submission, Red Eye Mega Knife Cyborg Chihuahua Plushy Guy, was selected for display in one of the local businesses this summer. The proceeds from the art exhibit go to the local animal shelter.

Miguel Amaya of WABC-TV in New York recently filmed an “Out and About” segment for the NYC evening news. Will’s dog is prominently featured in the segment (1:12).

Although it didn’t make the final cut for the segment, Will was interviewed by Miguel. Miguel said that he was the youngest person he had ever interviewed! We are very proud of our little artist.

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