Day 2: Chance is the Mother of Invention

Plato said “Necessity is the mother of invention.” When you are five years old, “Chance is the mother of invention.”

Central Pennsylvania cuisine was made for Lucas. We had dinner at the “best” restaurant at the park tonight (also the only one with AC). Lucas ordered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with French fries.

As if staring in a 1980s Reese’s Cup commercial, a fry fell out of his hand into the mix of PB&J in the middle of his half eaten sandwich. A disappointed “Aww, I got peanut butter and jelly on my French fry,” quickly turned to a quizzical “Maybe it will be good,” which then transitioned to “You have to try this Will.” Thank God I have Keto as a plausible reason to resist their repeated pleadings that I must try their latest disgusting food creation.

Otherwise, today would have been an almost entirely uneventful summer day pre-Covid. Some drawing. Some rides at the park. Some biking. A campfire at the site. Making friends with the kids from a few neighboring campsites after the park closed. Uneventful and mundane is pretty blissful after the last five months.

Here are a few pictures from today and a video of my big, increasingly independent boy going on the big log ride by himself after Lucas refused to go because he didn’t want to get wet.

Off to see nanny tomorrow.

1 thought on “Day 2: Chance is the Mother of Invention

  1. So happy to see kids being kids again!

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