Day 32: Goodbye Yellowstone

It is time to pack up and head out of Yellowstone. Jenny is flying back to NJ in the afternoon and the boys and I are heading somewhere (TBD). I squeezed a short run in between packing up the RV and laundry. Jenny took the kids to breakfast and the playground.

After lunch together, Jenny headed to the airport and the boys and I headed back to the motorhome to plot our next move. We ultimately decided to head north into North Dakota rather than head back east via I-90 or I-80. Next stop Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Before leaving West Yellowstone, we did a little shopping and grabbed ice cream on the main strip.

While the boys sat eating their ice cream cones, a dentist from south of Salt Lake City who had retired just a few weeks ago struck up a conversation with me. Somehow he had figured out from my conversation with the boys that I had a retired and was traveling around the country in an RV with them. He asked me how I liked it and then quizzed me a bit about why I thought it was so fantastic. He told me about his 6 kids and 21 grandchildren and that he was trying to figure out what the next stage of his life would be.

While we were talking, Lucas disappeared under the table. Eventually, I asked him why he was sitting under the table. He gave a very Lucas-like answer.

Me: Why are you sitting under the table?

Lucas: Two reasons, dad.

Me: Because it is shady?

Lucas: Yes…and because my ice cream won’t melt as quickly if I sit here.

Then, while I am thinking about how smart my little boy is, he bites the end off the cone. I tell him about how Mr. Robert says I am the “dumbest smart person he knows.” And, we discuss how maybe he as a little bit of that in him too as tries to stop his ice cream cone from dripping on him from two ends simultaneously.

Despite the late start, we made it to eastern Montana by 10. We stayed at a rest area, and planned to get an early start so we would have the time to both see Theodore Roosevelt National Park and swim at the campground I booked in Bismarck, ND.

2 thoughts on “Day 32: Goodbye Yellowstone

  1. Hi!! It’s Miss Nicole! I’ve been so sad thinking about how I never had a chance to say goodbye to you guys, when I remembered this page. It does not disappoint! I should be satisfied with my William and Lucas stories… at least for a little while. 🙂 What an adventure you guys are having!! I am especially impressed with that “dinosaur head” William found recently. So cool. Looking forward to hearing more. Have so much fun!!

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    1. Hopefully, when Covid dies down, we can swing by for a real goodbye. I hope you and your husband are well. When, I see how happy and smart my boys are I always think about how lucky we are that our boys had you as their first teacher.


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