Day 42: Winding Down

Today was the first day with bad weather that put a monkey wrench in our plans. A few years ago on our first road trip it rained pretty much every day for a week, completely unending our plans. I guess this trip is our karmic repayment.

It thunder-stormed off and on until the late afternoon. Every time the clouds parted and sun came out we headed for the pool, but we never made it before the thunder or rain started up again. Instead of swimming most of the day, we spent the day inside the motorhome and at the arcade. I have definitely made my contribution to the video game vendors kids’ college fund since we have been here.

Will made a sculpture in the morning. An imaginative version of Chucky. His innovation is a face that lifts and comes off to reveal a faceless Chucky. I am of the strong belief that kids learn best when you let them pursue their own interest most, if not all, of the time. That is tough with Will sometimes. He loves to draw, paint, and make sculptures. He voluntarily spends a good part of every day doing something artistic and creative. For better or worse, however, nearly all the things he wants to make are scary, sometimes grotesque monsters. I will be happy when he outgrows this stage of his artistic endeavors.

We eventually made it to the pool in the late afternoon. Another Will special is that he likes to pretend like he is drowning. Today, he took it too far. The lifeguard had his rescue board out and was ready to jump in before I explained to him that this is a form of play that I am desperately trying to get him to stop. He swam to the wall and apologized to the life guard. Hopefully, this is the last of his play drowning.

After that, the boys and I played in the water for a long time. I got a workout tossing them around. We were the only campers there so we could just have fun and be a little louder. Will and I raced across the width of the pool a dozen or so times. Lucas raced a couple times of times, but got upset because he didn’t win. Like most 5 year olds, he is a sore loser.

To start to close out the road trip, we had a traditional night at the campsite. We grilled and had a big campfire. They roasted marshmallows and we made s’mores.

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