Day 9: Setting Up Camp

It is a three hour drive from Marquette to Sunset Bay. After breakfast at the small diner across the street, the boys played at the park next to the Ramada. Everyone was happy to have the whole family back together.

The drive north to Sunset Bay was as beautiful as the drive west from the Mackinaw Bay area on Route 2. Dense pine forests and beaches on the bays.

A student of mine at the University of Buffalo once commented on a student evaluation form that “Professor Wagmiller like to find humor in the small things in life.” On this day that small thing was a sewing shop along the way, Sew Crazy (I believe ), whose sign had the Husqvarna logo at the bottom of their sign. Nothing seemed more hearty northern Midwestern than a sewing shop that also was a chainsaw dealer.

After getting groceries and setting up camp, we tested the chilly waters of Lake Superior. The shore at Sunset Bay RV Resort and Campground is a beautiful mix of different types of stones and minerals. A nice gentleman from Wisconsin gave Will some lessons on how to skip rocks on the lake surface. Afterwards, Will (naturally) created a monster game using the rocks. Since the game involved trying to knock “monster rocks” over by throwing other rocks at them, Lucas wisely kept his bike helmet on the whole time he was at the beach.

We capped the evening off with relaxing dinner at the campsite and a campfire.

3 thoughts on “Day 9: Setting Up Camp

  1. Bob, looks like you guys are having a great time so far!!! I think you should have planned to take the boys to see the fabulous cabin on Torch lake that we went to a few years back!

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  2. Bob, you are a fantastic dad. I love this website and your essays. Boys are getting big!

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  3. So peaceful. I’m so happy you’re having a wonderful time. Can’t wait to find out where you are now. Take care and give Will and Lucas kisses from me!

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