Day 10: Family Polar Bear Plunge and Bad News

The boys and I spent most of the day around the campground. Jenny spent the day courtesy of Enterprise trying to chase down a rental car for the next few days. She took a Lyft ride to the Enterprise desk at Houghton Airport to pick up the car she had reserved the night before. When she got there, they informed her that they didn’t have a car for her. Fortunately, a local car rental guy (Priceless Car Rental) was able to hook her up with a car. He also threw in for free a few tips about the UP, including don’t swim in interior lakes because they used to throw corpses in them.

When Jenny got back from her two hour plus excursion to get the car and some more groceries, we headed to the lake for the full family Lake Superior polar plunge. Will is the Wagmiller family Wim Hof, always the first to throw himself into a frigid lake, steam, or ocean.

The rest of us, including Jenny (!!!), joined Will in the chilly but beautiful waters of Lake Superior. There is something very enlivening about swimming in cold bodies of water. It is a little like trail running in a snow or rain storm. It feels like you are more connected to nature in it’s natural state. Jenny had had enough of that connection pretty quickly, but the boys and I made it a habit during our time in the UP.

There are many things I will miss when the boys outgrow this stage of their childhood, but the one I will likely miss most is tossing them as high and as far as I can when we are in a lake or pool. I don’t think that there is a purer moment of joy during childhood than the moment when they are launched in the air. No worries. No boredom. No complaints. Just smiles, giggles, and screams of happiness. Unless trade in my running shoes for CrossFit shorts, I am pretty sure 2020 or 2021 is going to be the end of the line for me tossing Will.

1 thought on “Day 10: Family Polar Bear Plunge and Bad News

  1. I’m freezing just thinking about it. Will seems to find joy in many different ways. He is able to roll with the punches and enjoy the moment. Good for him!

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