Day 23: Hot Springs and Good Company

We drove from Sheridan to Bozeman this morning. The wind was weaker than yesterday, which a unexpected and welcome development. The trip over to Bozeman was pretty easy. The boys have become very good at entertaining themselves during long stretches of driving without making very loud or super-annoying repetitive noises. Achieving this ymight be my greatest and most satisfying success as a parent.

We are staying at the campground at the Bozeman Hot Springs Spa. This was one of my favorite campgrounds so far. It small, but had more trees than the other campgrounds we have been staying at since the UP.

The hot springs and spa was incredible. They had ten pools ranging in temperature from 53 degrees to a little over one hundred. They had a beautiful outdoor area, where you could see the mountains in all directions. They also had a large indoor area where Will could retreat from the sun. The boys had a great time running between pools. Will, of course, spent a good amount of time moving between the 53 degree pool and hottest pool. Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reese would approve.

The Hot springs complex also had an old school exercise course behind it. Lucas was a beast on the incline wall. He even went up the steep side that many of the men found challenging. Will loved being pushed inside the big truck tires.

Campgrounds might be on of the last vestiges of 1970s parenting. It is a land where most parents let their kids roam free, assume that scraped knees and elbows, and the occasional fall from an obstacle or scrape from rolling in the truck tire are part of the definition of a good day. Will got a good scrape from the tire on his back and Lucas got a scrape on his knee.

We wrapped up the night by hanging out with the interesting couple next to us in the new Airstream. After nearly 3,000 miles of traveling, for the second time in a week the people next to us were from NJ. This time a nice retired couple from Rumson that now lived most of the year in Kawaii and the rest either traveling to see their kids and grandchildren or in West Palm Beach. I love listening to the life stories of the interesting people I have met on the trip.

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