Day 24: Jenny Arrives Again

On Saturday, we drove down from Bozeman to West Yellowstone. Much of the drive was through Gallatin National Forest. It is amazingly beautiful here. Now that I have mastered when to engage the overdrive on the RV, mountain driving is much more enjoyable.

We arrived at the West Yellowstone KOA a little after noon. I tackled the mountain of smelly, dirty laundry as soon as we got here. The kids played at the playground by the camp office while I did the laundry. Lucey immediately was on the teeter-totter with a little girl he met. Then, Will and him tried smash each other into the ground as hard as they could when the girl’s parents told her it was time to go.

After getting everything in the washers, we headed to the site and began setting things up. We straightened up inside. Got the bikes and chairs out. Hung the camp lights for the first time.

Jenny arrived around 2. The boys were ecstatic to see her. It is now her turn to heat endless stories and commentaries about scary monsters and movies. I get a little break.

We decided to just spend the rest of the day around the campground and West Yellowstone. We went to lunch in West Yellowstone after the dryers finished. Then, we came back and went to the pool. It was a frenzy of kid activity there so the boys fit right in. It was a big enough pool that I could give them full effort tosses in the air.

We wrapped up the day with dinner at the campground BBQ. At dinner, the boys gave Jenny the necklace and earrings they got her in Rapid City. It was a collaborative effort. The idea to get Jenny a gift was Will’s. Lucas picked the style. I paid.

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