Day 26: In Search of Big Game

We had a slow start to the day. I did a little reading and writing and Jenny did some work.

Will spent a good part of the morning working on a sculpture of Grizzly Teddy. After a discussion of my running adventure in bear country, he added a little runner man. Because it is Will, the little runner man eventually ended up in the bear’s claw.

After lunch in West Yellowstone, we headed into the park in search of bison, bears, and elk. On our way over to the east side of the park, we stopped by the artist’s pots. It was a nice little hike to and from the pots. I met a nice older gentleman who was the senior version of Will, he couldn’t resist laying down on the platform to feel how warm the water was despite his family’s protestations.

We had a mostly unfruitful search for the large animals of Yellowstone. We spent a good amount of time driving around and looking out the windows of the car. We hiked up to several plateaus to no avail.

We eventually did run across a lone bison grazing on a hill side. The boys spent a good amount of time fighting over who got to use the larger pair of binoculars. At one point, Will yelled out “what is this?” I looked over and he was holding a good-sized sun dried bison patty.

Along the way, we stopped by Yellowstone Lake and Gibbon Falls.

1 thought on “Day 26: In Search of Big Game

  1. Another fun day. I’m happy you guys saw at least one bison and a first hand look at the bison patty. Did Will keep it as a souvenir?

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