Day 29: Bozeman

The weather was cold, windy, and looked like rain so we decided to head to Bozeman for day. There is a lot of construction on the road from Yellowstone to Bozeman so it took almost two hours to get there.

Jenny took the kids to the Museum of the Rockies during my phone meeting. It was clear that the boys had a great time at the museum. Particular favorites were the dinosaurs and the reptiles.

We had a nice dinner in Bozeman after a trip to Walmart. I feel like a real RVer with my new prized possession, a high tech sewage hose that will maximize the distance between me and the stuff in the waste tanks and promises to be largely self-cleaning. A lot of happiness for $20, if it works.

1 thought on “Day 29: Bozeman

  1. I hope it does!!!!!!


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