Day 33: TR’s Cabin and Late Night Swimming

To preserve my sanity and not end up on a YouTube compilation of Board of Education Zoom Meetings gone bad, I booked a room with a suite at a hotel in Bismarck for Monday and campground near there for Sunday.

Lucey rode up front with me on the trip to Bismarck because he didn’t want Will to distract him from his nap so that “he had full energy” when we got somewhere fun. Will drew almost the whole time.

On the way there, we stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is in the Badlands of North Dakota. It is a pretty spectacular place. We stopped to see TR’s cabin, which sits at the South Entrance Visitors Center.

We, then, headed out on the southern loop at the park. The park, oddly, has three sections, none of which are connected by roads. Unfortunately, the road that would allow us to get to the remnants TR’s Elkhorn Ranch isn’t RV accessible. The southern part of the park is dramatic and beautiful. We saw herds of bison, wild horses, and several prairie dog towns (a favorite of the boys).

We had a decent, but very slow lunch/dinner in Menora. Without an iPhone to look at before the food arrived, they found interesting ways to entertain themselves. Boredom is definitely the source of ingenuity.

We concluded the day with the latest minor motorhome repair, replacing the cigarette lighter fuse that a bad charger had blown, and a late night swim.

A Noodle Built for Two

1 thought on “Day 33: TR’s Cabin and Late Night Swimming

  1. I was so happy you called yesterday. It’s always so good to see and talk to you and the boys. Looks like the fun continues on the trip and hopefully your obligations to the BOE will lessen now that there is a decision.

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